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Christmas at Christ Church

I include a gentle pastoral reminder that the Christmas Season lasts for twelve days! Feasting is a discipline. It reminds us that we were not meant for lives of endless toil. We were made to enter into rest, the very rest of God, an eternal sabbath and everlasting feast.

Several ways to continue the Christmas Feast include:

- Bringing gifts to neighbors throughout the season.

- Preparing special meals and inviting friends.

- We love cheese fondue, tamales, hams, and if you're feeling adventurous - timpano!

- Leaving a few gifts unopened.

- Special family outings to see a movie, get ice cream, or walk in the park.

- Light candles in your living room and read good books out loud.

- Come to church for the high holy days in Christmastide, especially Saint Stephen's Day (Dec. 26th), Saint John's Day (Dec. 27th), and Holy Innocent's Day (Dec. 28th). 

- Family movie nights with popcorn and hot chocolate.

- Make a big deal out of slowly moving the magi to a creche for their arrival on Epiphany (January 6th).

- Host a wine exchange and tasting.

- Hold a progressive dinner with neighbors (salad at one house, dinner at the next and dessert at the last).

- Have an outdoor fire.

- Keep saying Merry Christmas!

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