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Catechesis Classes

A number of catechesis classes are offered on Sunday mornings following the Eucharist. Catechesis hour is from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Adult Catechesis: Anglican Catechism

St. Augustine room

Led by Fr. Nicholas Norman-Krause, Ph.D. and Dr. Alex Fogleman

Participants: All are welcome

This class is an introduction to historic Christian belief and practice. Using the Anglican Church in North America’s catechism To Be A Christian, we walk through classical Christian teaching on doctrine (the Apostles’ Creed), prayer and worship (the Lord’s Prayer), and moral life and discipleship (the Ten Commandments). This class is required for those preparing for baptism and/or confirmation, recommended for anyone new to Christ Church or the Anglican tradition, and open to any and all persons desiring to deepen their faith. The class starts over each August, but feel free to jump in anytime!

Catechisms are available for $20 or can be purchased online through the publisher. 

Adult 1 Corinthians Study

St. Benedict room

Led by Dr. Andrea Turpin and Dr. David Corey

Building Up the Church: St. Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians

The members of the ancient church in Corinth were like us: they knew they believed in Jesus, but they were unsure what this implied about how they should live day to day. Paul’s advice to them in the first epistle is timeless. He addresses topics ranging from how best to engage in communal worship to the most fruitful ways of practicing love and marriage. All the while, Paul is unflinchingly honest about the challenges of the life of faith on this side of the eschaton, where we see only “through a glass darkly,” and lack the perfect knowledge, wisdom, and power that await us in the world to come. Ultimately, Paul suggests, what will carry us through is cultivating the personal gifts God has granted us for the good of the church as a whole—including the gifts of faith, hope, and love—strengthened in us through God’s own son, our savior Christ Jesus.

Middle Grades Catechesis

Upstairs corner office 

Led by Thom and Lindsay Hunter

Participants: Youth, 4th to 6th grade

In Middle-grades catechesis, we invite students to contemplate how Scripture, Creed, and practice interact as they call us to participation in the life and works of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We will begin by memorizing the Apostles' Creed and exploring the biblical foundation of that ancient "rule of faith."


High School Catechesis

Downstairs office next to the nursery

Led by Steve and Jean Watters

Participants: Youth, grades 7-12

This year, our high schoolers are continuing their study on John Paul II's Theology of the Body.  Last year’s course involved an overview of TOB with a focus on understanding the place and purpose of the human desires God has given us. This year we will delve further into the narrative of the great marriage feast, and how it explains many aspects of the Christian life. (We will draw heavily from Christopher West’s “Theology of the Body Explained.")

Children's Catechesis

Children's Atrium downstairs

Led by Brandi Guel

Participants: Children, ages 3-9 years 

In Children's Catechesis, we seek to create a spiritually nourishing environment for the child to come close to God and to participate more fully in the life of His Church. We utilize Bible stories, play, singing, prayer, and creativity in our children’s atrium, which is a special space prepared specifically for children to worship God.

As we begin this new year, please register your child(ren) for Children's Catechesis and/or nursery here:

Children ages 3-9 years old will be in the larger atrium near the playground door. If you feel your child would be more successful in a different room, please feel free to contact Brandi Guel.


Led by Allison Buras
Participants: Children, ages 6 weeks to 3 years

In addition to the Catechesis hour, the nursery is also available during the Eucharist service. Parents may drop their child off 10 minutes before the service begins and are asked to pick their child(ren) up from the nursery during the passing of the peace before the offering.

As we begin this new year, please register your child(ren) for Children's Catechesis and/or nursery here:



The nave is also available for prayer during the catechesis hour.

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