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Catechesis & Classes

A number of catechesis classes are offered on Sunday mornings following the Eucharist. Catechesis hour is from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Christ Church Catechesis: Foundations & Formation

St Augustine Room

All are welcome to join

Taught by Fr. Jonathan Kanary, Ph.D., Dr. Alex Fogleman, and Dr. Paul Gutacker

Foundations and Formation is the primary course of theological and spiritual formation at Christ Church. We follow the Anglican Catechism, To Be a Christian, to explore the basic elements of Christian faith and practice and to lay a foundation for lifelong discipleship. This course is especially geared toward those new to Christ Church or to the Christian faith, those preparing for Baptism or Confirmation, for College Students, Young Adults, or Brazos Fellows, and for anyone who has not taken the course recently. (We encourage parishioners take this class every 2-3 years.) 

Copies of To Be A Christian are available for $20 or you can borrow a copy each week.

The Virtues and the Christian Life

St Benedict Room

All are welcome to join

Taught by Dr. Todd Buras and Dr. John Spano

Our catechism calls Christians to respond to God by becoming like Jesus in doing God’s will, which is expressed in the ten commandments and our Lord’s summary of the law. This course will build on that foundation, exploring how the virtue tradition deepens our understanding of these basic Christian moral teachings. The Biblical authors and church fathers consistently use the language of virtues. Our task will be to explore the significance of this understanding of the Christian life. N.T. Wright (After You Believe) and Robert C. Roberts (Spiritual Emotions) will be our guides. Copies of these books will be helpful but are not required.

Youth Bible Study (7th–12th grade)

Upstairs corner room 

Led by Steve and Jean Watters

This year, our youth will be doing a study on the Gospel according to Matthew. 

4th–6th Grade Catechesis

Downstairs study next to nursery

Led by Thom and Lindsay Hunter

In this class made up of "Growing Disciples," we invite students to venture "further up and further in" on their journey of faith through exploring three pillars of the Great Tradition: the Apostle's Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments. This year we will ask, with the Apostles, "Lord, teach us to pray!" as we discuss the Lord's Prayer.

Children's Catechesis (ages 3–9)

Children's Atrium downstairs

Led by Brandi Guel

In Children's Catechesis, we seek to create a spiritually nourishing environment for the child to come close to God and to participate more fully in the life of His Church. We utilize Bible stories, play, singing, prayer, and creativity in our children’s atrium, which is a special space prepared specifically for children to worship God. All catechesis classes will meet Sunday mornings from 9:30–10:30am.

As we begin this new year, please register your child(ren) for Children's Catechesis here.

Children ages 3-9 years old will be in the two atriums near the playground door, assigned between the two rooms according to age. If you feel your child would be more successful in a different room, please feel free to contact Brandi Guel.

Nursery (ages 6 weeks to 2 years old)

Led by Allison Buras
Participants: Ages 6 weeks to 2 years old

In addition to the Catechesis hour, the nursery is also available during the 10:45 Eucharist service. Parents may drop their child off 10 minutes before the service begins and are asked to pick their child(ren) up from the nursery during the passing of the peace before the offering.

Please register your child(ren) for Children's Catechesis and/or nursery here.



The Chapel is also available for prayer during the catechesis hour.

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