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​Book of Common Prayer​
  • Would you like your own copy of the 2019 BCP? There are two versions, the pew edition ($15) which are available at church or the leather-bound deluxe edition ($32) that can be ordered directly from the publisher.

  • If you choose to purchase a pew edition, you may give online or feel free to put a check in the offering with “BCP personal use pew edition” in the memo line.

  • Alternatively, the complete 2019 Book of Common Prayer is available online (after clicking the link, scroll down as the first two pages are blank).

Meditation and Worship

  • Our priests are still available to you and your family to hear confessions, offer prayers for healing, and administer the Sacraments. The Guide to Confession is available online, as is the entire prayer book. If you would like a priest to visit your home please email

Funeral Planning
  • Christ Church has produced a helpful Funeral Planning Form that will assist you (and subsequently your family) in making plans for your death and burial. Lent and this time of global pandemic provide a great time to engage in the Christian practice of the ars moriendi, the art of dying, and this is a sobering way to take this on!

  • If you need your will or other legal items notarized, Christ Church can connect you with a free notary. Please email to schedule an appointment.

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