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Building up the Church

Christ Church exists to build up the Church. Not our own church, but THE Church, with a capital 'C'. The first and foremost way we do this is through the Lord's great commandment that we should love God and our neighbor. As the Apostle Paul reminds us, "love builds up." (1 Corinthians 8:1) We love God through a life of devoted prayer and worship, but also through a discipline of laying down our lives for our families, for our neighbors, and even for strangers.

Making Disciples

The second reason we planted Christ Church is the making of disciples. Jesus sent his disciples out to make more disciples. This is primarily a work of catechesis. Catechesis refers to the greek word in the New Testament meaning "instruction." Ancient Christians were submitted to rigorous instruction, especially since many of them were Gentiles coming from pagan backgrounds. People who have grown up in church are often more products of modern society than strong disciple-making. So, we take the work of catechesis very seriously and ask that everyone who is new to Christ Church engage in the main Catechesis course for a full year before being admitted to membership and/or confirmation.

In University Towns and Campuses

The third reason we planted Christ Church is particular to our nation's college campuses. We set out specifically to reach university students and faculty. This is not to say that others won't be well-served and cared for. It is rather to say that university towns and their campuses are our main field of mission. Universities are places where not only are ideas at the center, but places where young people come to maturity - their own ideas and convictions strengthened, or, as in some cases, weakened. We serve the University because it's an important part in a strategy of forming next-generation leaders and making mature disciples.

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